Lazered Island Traditional Designs Square Shades

Uniquely Lazered On Bamboo Temples To Bring Out The Polynesian Cultural Designs.
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Traditional Polynesian Inspired Lazered Shades And Cases.

Unique Lazered Sunglasses

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Represent your island in style with these island Flag Shades..

Large Square Shades & Wide Rectangular Shades

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We are one Polynesian family running this Eyewear business based in Sydney. The love for our culture is what sparked us to incorporate a variation of Polynesian art into an exclusive collection of custom designed eyewear.

Our High Quality products are suitable for all head shapes and sizes - combining both style and comfort. 

All our orders are sent out from Sydney, Australia.


Acetate Shades

Acetate Shades,The names of the shades are Mixed Random Polynesian numbers.

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Pacific Spears

Nice Big shades,comes with spare lens.