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Poly1 - J18 Shades

Poly1 - J18 Shades

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Poly1 sunglasses offer the perfect blend of style and sustainability. Made from natural and renewable bamboo that grows quickly and abundantly, these stylish sunglasses are eco-friendly and can be recycled and biodegraded. What's more, bamboo offers natural strength and resilience, ensuring your sunglasses will stand up to any outdoor conditions.

Showcasing never seen before unique Island Mat/Fish Net designs, engraved directly on the temples, these glasses bring a unique flair to any look. Make a statement without saying a word!

Our Poly1 glasses feature bamboo temples, designed to extend out to provide a comfortable fit that accommodates all face shapes. This "one-size-fits-all" style is complemented by the unique Polynesian designs, making these glasses truly unique. 

Experience superior optical clarity and comfort with Poly1 Sunglasses. Featuring UV400/Polarized Tac lenses, lighter PC material nose pads, metal hinges for durability, and wooden temples for environmental protection, these sunglasses are designed for maximum protection and performance. Each pair includes a poly-rized pouch and microfiber cloth.

Size: 47mm x 147mm  x 142mm 

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