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Poly2 - J18 Shades

Poly2 - J18 Shades

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Polynesian bamboo sunglasses are made from natural, renewable bamboo that grows abundantly and quickly. When compared to traditional sunglasses made from plastic or metal, bamboo sunglasses are environmentally sustainable because they are biodegradable and can be recycled. Moreover, bamboo has natural strength and resilience, making it a durable material that can withstand harsh outdoor conditions such as heat, sun, wind, and rain.

Poly2 Has An Extra Pattern Engraved Compared To Our Poly1 Sunglasses 
Island Fish Net Engraved On Top Of Temples.
Bamboo temples that extend out to fit all face shapes.
Size: 47mm 147mm x 142mm 
Made with High Quality Tac uv/polarized lenses to reduce the weight of the glasses, and bringing you that comfortable wearing feeling.
Comes with POLY-RIZED Pouch and Cloth.
NOSE PADS - PC Material, Light Weight, No Pressure.
METAL HINGE - Strong Durable , Not Easy To Break.
WOODEN TEMPLES - Green Environmentally Protection.
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