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Pasifika-Hiva Shades (Tortoise/Dark)

Pasifika-Hiva Shades (Tortoise/Dark)

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Pasifika-hiva Popular one-piece square Glasses with the Uv/polarized unisex oversized look, These glasses take you beyond mere fashion statements. The polarization keeps your vision crisp and clear, plus they offer superior UVA and UVB protection. Acetate Constructed of superior-quality acetate, Pasifika-hiva glasses are designed for both style and durability. With a weightless fit, they won't leave marks on your nose or behind your ears. Enjoy a comfortable wear all day long.



Material - Acetate and Tac Lens.

Complimentary Cardboard box, Pouch, Cloth.

145mm x 48mm x 145mm

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