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Fuk'a Large Square Tonga (Black/Dark)

Fuk'a Large Square Tonga (Black/Dark)

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(Fuk'a Tonga Translated to English=Tongan flag)

Look heroic and stylish with Fuk'a's Large Square Tonga frames. Featuring the Samoan flag and name, these large frames offer Uv400 protection while turning heads. Passionately crafted for those who love big frames.

Protect your eyes in style with Fuk'a's Large Square Tonga sunglasses. Boasting a bold, oversized frame in a versatile black/dark colour, these sunglasses add an island-inspired twist to any look. Feel confident knowing that you'll look great and stay protected from the sun!

150mm x 58mm x 150mm

Metal Hinge

Large Frame and temples

Uv400 Lens (no logo on lens)

Comes with Box/Pouch/Cloth

We recommend adding a Black Case for protection (Please note these will not fit in our wooden case)

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